Aromachologie Bath Oil

ReviewNote 3.2 /5 (4 reviews)
A creamy oil, delicately perfumed with essential oils, to transform bath water into a milky veil and offer a moment of pure relaxation.

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Delicately perfumed with essential oils, this bath oil melts into the water and transforms it into milky softness, for a moment of pure relaxation. Its scent is 100% natural.
Our Aromachologie body care collection, formulated with essential oils, offers a range of well-being products.
Relaxes and promotes well-being in the bath.
With 5 essential oils.


For over 30 years, L'OCCITANE has united essential oils with the principles of armachology in its hair care ranges. Each product contains five essential oils, brought together to act in synergy on the hair, helping to restore health and vitality. A historic expertise applied to body and bath care, offering all the relaxing properties and benefits of essential oils. Aromachologie


Average Rating 3.2out of5 Write a Review
  • Really lovely

    Smells gorgeous, only need a little to transform bath water into a silky potion. Very relaxing and moisturises the skin beautifully.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location London
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
  • So relaxing!

    I love this oil! It smells divine and even with a stressed, busy day this oil relaxes me completely. I will forever have a stock of this in the bathroom as long as L'Occitane make it. Which I hope they always do!

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Bath
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
  • Totally agree with the other reviewer. I was also excited to try this product I'm a fan of Lavender and its benefits, unfortunately this oil had very little scent. I had to put way more in the bath than the recommended amount to even get a slight whiff of Lavender. So a very expensive bath oil. Very disappointed, a very expensive nothing.

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      1 out of 5
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    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
  • Was very excited when this product was promoted. Sadly was left feeling disappointed by the product, so faintly scented sometimes I can't even smell the aroma. The product does disperse well though. I'll stick with the Lavender Foaming Bath which is much nicer

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      2 out of 5
    • Your Location SWINDON
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
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