The power of essential oils devoted to hair beauty. Formulated with associations of five essential oils for sensorial and effective hair care rituals adapted to each concern, discover L'OCCITANE's natural hair care products for light and beautiful hair.


Transform your hair from dry and damaged to strong and shiny, with the power of 5 essential oils, plant-derived amino acids to help repair the hair fibre as well as shea butter and sweet almond oil to soften and protect. This 3-minute regenerating mask leaves behind an aromatic scent.

INTENSIVE REPAIR - for damaged hair with oat and sunflower extract

Introducing Our New Addition

Purifying Dry Shampoo Mist

Our new Purifying Freshness Dry Shampoo Mist helps to restore freshness cleanliness and shine to your hair without leaving any white residue.

Gentle & Balance - for all hair types with lavender extract

Moisturise, Sooth & Protect

Our complex of 5 essential oils and expert ingredients in one bottle. An overnight scalp serum for those with lifestyles that are exposed to various external stresses. Treats your scalp and de-streess at the end of a busy day to boost it’s natural environment for more resilient, beautiful hair.

  • NEW


Nourishing - for dry to very dry hair with olive tree oils

SOS MASKS for hair treatment


We have moved to offer plastic free shampoo alternatives by introducing Solid Shampoo Bars. With the same benefits of liquid shampoo, choose to repair, purify or maintain your scalp's balance.

All our solid shampoos are silicone-free ad sulphate-free, and their packaging is plastic-free and made from 100% recycled paper. As they were created with your hair and the planet in mind, they're also made out of 98% readily biodegradable ingredients.


OUR AROMACHOLOGIE RANGE: 100% recycled packaging for the past 10 years!

Do you know why the bottles in the Aromachologie range have a green colour? It's because they're designed to be green! In the world of cosmetics, clear plastics are usually preferred, but we chose to use coloured bottles for this range, so we could make them from 100% recycled PET.
By 2025, we want to be using rPET in all our bottles, and we're working with Loop Industries to make this happen!