The Provencal art of soap is a savoir-faire that has been passed down by craftsmen and craftswomen who have made artisanal soap for generations in the countryside and villages surrounding Marseille, in the south of France. Our own soap story begins in one of these tiny villages, with the Savonnerie de Mane. In 1980, just as the first seeds of L'OCCITANE's story were being sown, Olivier Baussan founded a soap factory, with knowledge passed down to him from a master soap-maker, and our long history with soap making began. From these beginnings, Mr. Baussan endeavoured to reinvent and reinterpret the recipes he inherited while remaining true to their origins.


The Art of Soap Collection revisits the origins of L'OCCITANE through memory, a crucial ingredient in every one of our products that connects us to our heritage.

It's these memories of just-washed linens drying in the sun and freshly scrubbed hands after a day's work in the garden that inspire L'OCCITANE to use the same traditional process that has been used for centuries.


Our recipes celebrate authenticity and quality through traditional techniques and ingredients: each of our artisanal soaps is cauldron cooked and composed of at least 78% vegetable oil. And while our recipes remain loyal to their heritage, we have added our own touches of modernity ushering in a new era of innovative soap-making.


In our continual effort to minimise our impact on the environment, we have modernised the cauldrons we use for maximum efficiency.

These new cauldrons are closed and use steam for a more uniform heating process, instead of using coal or wood-fire to heat from below.

These cauldrons are able to reach the necessary temperatures in less time using less energy, significantly reducing energy consumption in our soap production.


Art of Soap soap bars recipes that contain an average of 95% ingredients that are easily biodegradable, and recyclable packaging, or no packaging when possible, we continue our commitment to sustainability up and down the production line.

Furthermore, by 2023 we have pledged to remove palm oil from all the soaps on the shelves of L'OCCITANE-en-Provence boutiques around the world, starting with our Art de vivre soaps and now our Art of Soap Collection which are all palm free.


Discover the key ingredients that make the Art of Soap Collection and find out why are they so unique.



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