Lightness Comes From Within

For several generations, it has been rumoured that the cooking water from artichokes could help purify and detoxify for a feeling of lightness. The therapeutic values of this plant originating from the Mediterranean have encouraged us to study its benefits for the skin and to take a new look at self-care.

Firming & Detoxifying

An expert body scrub to gently exfoliate and promote cellular renewal, whilst improving skin’s firmness.
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Hydrating & Firming

Artichoke Massage Cream is an expert body moisturiser that firms-up the skin and provides up to 8 hours of hydration. Combined with a simple massage, it also helps to reduce swollen and heavy leg sensations.
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A Moment For Yourself - Your Moment Of Well-being

Scrub: Warm Up & Activate

The Artichoke Warming Scrub is a scrub that prepares and exfoliates the skin. It removes dead skin and promotes their renewal. With the right massage technique, it helps stimulate microcirculation and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Massage Cream: Refresh and Tone

Apply after showering and exfoliation, for immediate hydration that improves skin elasticity and gives it a firmer appearance. Use the Gua Sha to help reinforce the effectiveness by providing an intense massage which improves the microcirculation.

Artichoke Ingredients

Artichokes, rich in polyphenols and inulin, is recognised for their fat-digesting, diuretic, and cholesterol-fighting properties. To turn this detox superfood into a cosmetic extract, our focus turned to the leaves, which are best known for their medicinal properties. Grown organically in the Drôme region in the south of France, it is sustainably sourced and cultivated by farmers within a French Support and Work Assistance Establishment (ESAT). The range is housed in FSC-Certified packaging, meaning the paper used is obtained from sustainable forestry, this new range continues to align with L’OCCITANE’s brand values and an ever-present journey to becoming more sustainable.
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Lightness Reclaimed - From The Inside Out


There are no steps too small.

Walking is the easiest and most rewarding activity for mental and physical health.

Just 30 minutes a day and see the positive impacts: better circulation and a lighter mind.


Yoghurt, compote, smoothie...

This is not our shopping list but an example of foods that you can incorporate with the Lightness Elixir.

Just a teaspoon instead of small sweets that your body has trouble digesting and tadaaa! You have a ready-to-go snack for your lightness routine.


Get moving.

They say you have to think before you act, but we forget that sometimes you have to do the opposite.

Start an activity, something positive for you, and your thoughts will follow.
As a bonus, take 3 sets of deep breaths after physical exercise to amplify the benefits this activity has on your mind.

A Simple Recipe For Artichoke Lovers