Moisturise, purify and relax with L'Occitane sensorial body care products, made with natural ingredients from the South of France.

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- Beat the heat this summer - Give an incredible shot of coolness to your body with our NEW Verbena Limited Editions


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Our Almond collection is both deliciously addictive and wonderfully sensual. The creamy, tender and silky textures provide long lasting softness and melt into skin. A real pleasure for senses!

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Summer Beauty Tips

Enjoying summer is true bliss, but it does take a toll on your body. Whether it’s sea water, sun, sand or even air conditioning, you go through a lot of wear and tear without noticing. Your skin gets thicker and drier from sun exposure, especially on your face, and your hair gets brittle and weak.

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Pamper Your Skin After Sun Exposure

In summer

Play with texture alternatives by opting for lighter formulas (yet nourishing and keep your body hydrated and soft. Our Shea Ultra Light Body Cream will help your skin get the nourishment it needs during the summer months.

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