Cade Collection Cade Collection

Cade Collection

It is said that Cade (otherwise known as juniper) has one thousand and one virtues. Its essential oil is a true all-rounder. L’OCCITANE’s Cade Collection protects men’s skin from daily aggressions and modern day challenges like shaving, sun and pollution.


Enriched with a purifying complex of Cade wood, Rosemary essential oils and protective Shea Butter, this after-shave balm immediately soothes the skin, preventing irritations and the feeling of tightness.

Face Care

Cleanse, shave and moisturise with our collection of men's skincare products designed to revitalise, freshen and rejuvenate your skin while nourishing and protecting it against external agents.

Shaving & Grooming

Keep your beard looking sharp with our shaving and beard grooming products. Cade shaving soaps and gels will give you that smooth glide you need for a flawless shave, while leaving your skin soft and hydrated.