Christine Stucki

Multi-talented fashion and beauty blogger, Christine has shared with us her motivations to keep striving for success as well as her simple winter beauty trick using the Aqua Réotier collection.

Christine's Aqua Réotier Essential

"A blessing to put on"

The Aqua Reotier Essence is a blessing to put on straight after washing my face. It adds an instant hit of hydration and gets my skin back to being soft and bouncy.

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meet christine

Raised with a creative, adventurous and definitely fashionable background, Christine  (or better known as Ruby Fearless) has continued to live her life with those objectives. Whether it is expressing her creativity and stylish taste as a beauty and fashion blogger, to being adventurous and starting her own business with an amazing cause; Christine is anything but an ordinary blogger. 

Her mantra

"There's no such thing as losing, it's either winning or learning. All the best parts of me come from previous hardships and lessons, and I wouldn't have it any other way. "

christine's beauty trick

"If you're seeing dry patches this winter, try cooling down on the temperature your water is. Hot water strips away the natural oils in your skin quicker, meaning you dry out and your skin can get more easily irritated. You can also apply a hydrating essence, like the Aqua Réotier Moisture Essence, after a hot shower to repair and lock in the moisture which has been stripped away."


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