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Citrus Verbena Moisturizing Body Foam

ReviewNote 4.4 /5 (5 reviews)
An amazing chantilly-like foam that moisturizes and refreshes the skin through a voluptuous and soft texture infused with menthol.

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Featuring an extra-foaming pump for a whipped cream effect, this Citrus Verbena Moisturizing Body Foam moisturizes the skin and leaves it soft and silky. The sparkling scent of citrus fruits combined with a refreshing natural active ingredient derived from menthol provides a refreshing sensation on hot summer days.


Among all the aromatic herbs that grow along the paths of Provence, there is one whose lemony freshness revives the body and mind. Its name is Verbena. When baskets are piled high with freshly harvested green verbena leaves, its distinctive fragrance fills the air around the markets of Provence. Discover our collection which includes fragrances as well as body and hair care. Verbena


Average Rating 4.4out of5 Write a Review
  • Verbena foam

    Yes I really like this foam moisturiser for our summer in Queensland. I have always loved Loccitane’s citrus fragrances and the foam is moisturising but not at all tacky or sticky on your skin

    • ReviewNote
      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Gold Coast
    • Country AUSTRALIA
  • fascinating

    it's so special that it's foam instead of cream. the skin absorbs it so fast and it's so moisturising. Love this so much It would be better if the moisturizing effect last longer.

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      4 out of 5
    • Your Location SALFORD
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
  • Unusual product

    Nice to use, but I think lotion is probably a better moisturiser and will almost certainly last longer.

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      3 out of 5
    • Your Location 001, SOUTHAMPTON
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
  • Lovely summary moisturising foam

    Easy to apply and it is absorbed quickly. A nice morning treat for me.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location GLASGOW
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
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