Courtney Tyler

Free-spirited and adventurist, Courtney has explored the many wonders of our world to captivate and inspire you to do the same. Discover why Aqua Réotier is the perfect skincare range for her while she travels, as well as her mantra's in life.

Courtney's Aqua Réotier Essential

"Light, refreshing and super absorbent"

Traveling takes a toll on my skin. Whether I’m flying, on a roadie, or just away from my normal routine, my skin seems to need some extra attention. I find that on the go and using a hydrating mist, is highly beneficial and keeps my skin hydrated for the rest of the plane ride or just when I am out and about.

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About Courtney

Wanderlust seeker with a free-spirited soul, Courtney first created her Instagram and blog to capture the wonderful moments she had discovered through traveling abroad. Her intentions are to inspire and spark the wanderlust in her community, setting an example of how exploring the world around you can help to discover yourself and learn about love and compassion. Fast forward a few years later, Courtney is still continuing to carry out her passion and helping her community discover beautiful destinations. 

Her Mantra

"Travel for me, is not about the places your legs take you but the journey it takes your soul on. We are so beautifully vulnerable that it forces us out of our comfort zone in all the right ways. We discover who we are when no one is looking, we learn to trust our intuition and we learn about love and compassion from all ends of the earth. It is as much about exploring your inner world as the outer world."

Courtney's Beauty Travel Hack

"When traveling, don't over pack on bulky products because it is such a waste of space. I’ve taken the Aqua Réotier cleanser, prep essence and crème moisturiser with me in the little travel sized bottles whenever I travel to keep my skin hydrated. For me, this is super important because I don’t want to be worrying about my skin on the go or going over the baggage allowance!"

Courtney Tyler

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