Eau des Baux Deodorant Stick

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Spicy cypress adds a deep, masculine note to our Eau Des Baux Stick Deodorant, which uses natural ingredients to keep you fresh.
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Spicy cypress adds a deep, masculine note to our Eau Des Baux Stick Deodorant, which uses natural ingredients to keep you fresh.

Naturally antibacterial with a seductive woody scent, our Eau Des Baux stick deodorant will keep you feeling as fresh as a line of cypresses swaying in a mistral wind. The sharp smell of these iconic trees defines the outdoorsy scent of this deodorant, instantly evoking cool mornings strolling through a forest as the sun slowly climbs in the azure sky.

This deodorant uses natural ingredients to prevent bacteria from building up – eliminating malodour at its source. The formula is gentle on skin, preventing irritation and keeping skin feeling comfortable throughout the most trying of days.

The fragrance – inspired by the chivalrous tales of the Knights of Des Baux – is long-lasting, with beguiling undertones of incense lending a wistful note reminiscent of the magic and mystery of the medieval era.

Apply once in the morning and enjoy subtle bursts of the fragrance throughout the day, instantly transporting you to the golden hillsides of Provence.
After washing your armpits and drying them off with a soft towel, gently rub this stick deodorant directly against the skin. Give it a few minutes to sink in and dry before getting dressed. Allowing the deodorant to dry will stop it from transferring to clothes, keeping the anti-bacterial formula close against skin to work its magic against body odour.

While you wait, close your eyes and allow the heady fragrance to transport you to medieval Provence, where battle-hardened knights would share tales of past victories around their fire.
In Provence, the knights from "Les Baux" village chose the cyprus tree as their symbol of strength and courage. Discover Baux products, fragranced with the blend of wood and incense, for a sensual and mysterious effect. Baux

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  • Fabulous!

    As a fitness professional I’ve used another brand for years to keep me fresh while working and training. I really wanted an aluminium free deodorant but was very skeptical about how effective these would be. I bought this after seeing another reviewer recommend this when they stopped using the other brand so I thought I’d give it a go. It’s fantastic! The smell is amazing and it really, really works. I just completed an intense Tabata workout and I’m still fresher than I was using my old deodorant - an absolute winner! The fragrance is amazing and it’s not only suitable for men, it’s a perfectly lovely fragrance to use as a woman. Now my go-to deo!

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      5 out of 5
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  • Fabolous product

    I was a bit skeptical first about spending this amount of money for a dedorant but I can say it's been worth the investment. This product is fantastic and I wish I found it earlier. Yes it's more pricey than the standard deodorant you can buy in the supermarket but the quality is ligtht years afar and it lasts the full day - never found another deodorant so far with such a lasting effect. I am addicted now and can't think about using anything else. Top product

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      5 out of 5
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  • Best of the Best

    I'm irritated by many deodorants, especially sprays, so a good stick deodorant is a must. This is the best. Not only is the fragrance absolutely fantastic but it goes on smooth and lasts all day. I've tried the market and always come back to this one. Trust me when I say you will not find better.

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      5 out of 5
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    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
  • The best for some

    I myself consider this as one of the best deodorants available. It lasts for a surprisingly long time and the scent is both adaptable to either sex but it doesn’t work for everybody. For me the scent lasts throughout the day and only gets better but for my partner it wears off quickly and leaves them with unwanted underarm odour.

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      5 out of 5
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