Frizzy Hair

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Control frizzy hair with our selection of anti frizz hair care products designed to defrizz. Formulated with essential oils and repairing complex to keep frizzy hair under control, shop the best products for even the frizziest hair types.

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What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair can be caused by a number of things, including: - Humidy. Hair can get especially frizzy on hot humid days. - Chemical hair treatments/products. Bleached or permed hair as well as products with sulfates can increase your hair's frizz. - Heat styling. Using hot styling tools can increase damage and frizz. - Overwashing or using very hot water. Washing your hair only 2-3 times a week in lukewarm water can help reduce frizz. - Dry hair. Frizzy hair is usually caused by dry hair that is trying to cling to moisture from the air.

How to Stop Frizzy Hair

If you're wanting to put a stop to frizzy hair, there's a few things you can do! Try and limit the number of times you wash your hair to only 2 times a week, and finish off your wash with a cold rinse. This can help to seal your hair's cuticles and limiting frizz. You can also try and reduce heat styling and use a frizzy hair product and treatment like our anti frizz repair serum for hydration.