Hannah Rogers

Hannah describes herself as the modern girl of our century; from achieving realistic goals which she sets for herself to finding time in keeping her mind and body in shape. Discover how Hannah keeps going with a busy yet healthy lifestyle with the help of Aqua Réotier.

"gives my skin hydration before it needs it"

Applying the Aqua Réotier Ultra Thirst-Quenching Moisturising Cream before my workouts help to reduce redness and gives my skin hydration before it needs it. I have found my skin has adjusted better to the seasons, is plumper and my makeup is lasting the distance.

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Meet Hannah

Over the last six years of being an influential social creator and blogger, Hannah focuses heavily on living a whole rounded and balanced lifestyle. She does this by being a creative Social Content Manager by day to breaking out a sweat in the gym as well as staying on top as an influencer on social media; Hannah make sures her life is lived to the fullest. 

Her Mantra

"I am chasing my goals. I am pushing hard but I am also sticking to my plan and remembering the little things can make a big difference, like keeping hydrated both inside and out."

Fitness Advice

"Before exercising, make sure that you are fully hydrated before starting the work out. Being hydrated is the most important aspect of making you perform better and longer, this means staying hydrated inside and out. Using the Aqua Reotier Essence, quickly rebalance your moisture level but giving your skin a few splashes of this magical water."  Says Hannah.

Hannah Rogers

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