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Immortelle Divine Youth Oil

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The Divine Youth Oil helps fight visible signs of aging for a skin texture that appears firmer, as if plumped from within.

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The Divine Youth Oil helps fight visible signs of aging for a skin texture that appears firmer, as if plumped from within. With daily use, it helps to:
- Maintain skin's youthful appearance* - Maintain a velvety skin all day (84%)* - Reduce the appearance of wrinkles (63%)* for smoother looking skin (75%)* - Improve skin's firmness and tone** - Reveal skin's radiance (85%)*
Made with 100% natural oils, the Divine Oil has a light, silky texture with a non-oily finish that melts into the skin beautifully.
Divine results : Skin's texture appears transformed. Skin looks more plump and velvety. Bursting with vitality, it is simply more radiant.
Immortelle is a flower with exceptional longevity: it never fades, even after it has been picked. Organic Immortelle from Corsica is rich in active molecules that deliver unique anti-aging beauty results. In the new-generation Divine Immortelle range, Immortelle is combined with a unique complex of natural active ingredients to reveal its anti-aging powers, at the heart of exceptional, multi-patented formulas. This complex dramatically enhances the effects of Corsican Immortelle, to help fight visible signs of aging.
Tested under dermatological supervision. Non comedogenic.
* Consumer test on 32 women over 4 weeks. ** Clinical scorage on 32 women over 4 weeks.


Apply alone or before your serum and moisturiser. Warm a few drops of oil in the palm of your hand, then apply on the face, neck and décolleté. For best results, use in the evening, when the skin is least exposed to environmental stresses and conditions are most conductive to cell renewal.


Immortelle is known as the everlasting flower, because these flowers retain their form and color when dried. L’OCCITANE has extracted a precious essential oil from the plant, which has anti-free radical and anti-wrinkle properties. The Immortelle collection offers a complete anti-aging solution for the face. Immortelle

Proven Results

Skin looks more radiant

Consumer test on 32 women during 4 weeks


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  • All in 1!

    This face oil is my everything, serum, moisturizer and face primer. I have been using this for few months, my skin becomes very soft and glowing. On top of that, my make up looks so good on top of this oil too. Was a bit pricey but this oil has everything which actually save me more from buying serum and face primer.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Auckland
    • Country NEW ZEALAND
  • Great oil for my skin

    Saw this in the magazine. and bought this during Christmas time, I just want to say the oil is amazing!! I have sensitive, combination skin and this oil feel great on my skin, not too greasy, gives radiance to the skin. I have been using for months. My skin feel so nice everyday when I woke up. Would highly recommend.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Hamilton
    • Country NEW ZEALAND
  • Magic in a beautiful bottle

    This is by far, the most INCREDIBLE product I have EVER put on my face. Oh it is just delicious. I have quite dry skin- and my skin just adores it. After the first use, my skin felt like a new born baby's. It was incredible soft and supple and it felt like I had put a layer of silk on my face! Not only does it feel amazing, my skin just glowed and had this incredibly gorgeous sheen to it, radiance. It's an oil yet it's not heavy and it doesn't make you skin slippery..I know it recommends using it at night time, (which I do!) however I use it in the mornings too, when I don't want to wear makeup, so my skin looks lit from within and healthy. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. If you want seriously soft, silky and supple skin that looks absolutely amazing too; go ahead and order this literally divine product (L'Occitane absolutely nailed the name of the product! It really is divine)! Oh and ps. If you're tired or have had a big night- this oil will make you look a million dollars again. And it definitely makes you look more youthful (my friends have noticed a difference and at first I didn't want to tell them my secret! But I confessed and told them to BUY THIS!!) L'Occitane never get it wrong. This is 6 stars and A++++! In love forever!

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Geelong
    • Country AUSTRALIA
  • I absolutely love the Divine Youth Oil. My main concern was the dryness I would get around my mouth, cheeks and nose area due to the cold weather. Ever since purchasing the Oil I have noticed that the dryness is no longer an issue. The Macarthur Square Manager is a Gem and she gave me a sample of the Divine cream which I use after I put on the Oil. I use both product in the morning and evening. Will definitely be purchasing the Divine cream next. Highly recommendable products.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location NSW, HINCHINBROOK
    • Country AUSTRALIA
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