Mastering The Art Of Extraction

If you don’t know about the Immortelle flower from Corsica, let us tell you about her.

This strong and resilient plant grows in extremely harsh conditions in the Corsican Maquis. Swept by salty winds from the Mediterranean sea and drenched in intense sunlight, she bears the name of Immortelle because she doesn’t wither, even after being picked. She offers endless possibilities in terms of beauty care such as: the Immortelle Essential Oil, the Immortelle Oil Extract and the Immortelle Aqueous Extract. However, unrevealed extracts were still hiding in plain sight up until very recently.

The Extraction Process


20 years ago, L'OCCITANE revealed the power of Immortelle, a genius flower with extraordinary youth-inducing powers.


100% organic & harvested in Corsica in the South of France.


Immortelle Essential Oil & Immortelle Floral Water are extracted through 2-hour steam distillation using ancestral techniques on the day of harvest.


The distilled plants are then dried but still have a lot to give.


With our eco-extraction processes free from synthetic solvents, we can harness new extracts from the already distilled plants.


The right pressure and temperature conditions have to be met for either a CO 2 supercritical extraction or sub-critical water extraction...


... To unlock the power of the Immortelle Super Extract. This 100% natural-origin super youth powerhouse unlocks skin volume benefits, while being gentler to your skin.

Its secrets?
It helps enhance your skin's volume and support it's structure by:
  • Increasing epidermis thickness by x2*
  • Acting on the skin's architecture and collagenbs, volumising the skin
  • Being gentler to your skin than synthetic alternatives**

*Ex vivo efficacy test on the ingredient. **Consumer test on 53 women during 1 month.