Immortelle Precious Cream

ReviewNote 4.9 /5 (85 reviews)
The Immortelle Precious Cream offers triple action benefits to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help restore firmness to the skin.

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With 2 patents pending, the Precious Cream offers triple action benefits to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help restore firmness to the skin.**

  • Smoother skin : Skin is more supple (91%) and looks visibly smoothed (78%)*. 

  • Firmer skin : From the first week, skin appears retightened (69%). After one month, skin seems to regain its bearing (69%).*

  • Protected skin : Nourished and comfortable*, the skin is protected against harsh environmental elements, which are partly responsible for accelerating skin aging. 

The skin is more luminous and looks revitalized, rejuvinated. Immortelle is a flower with exceptional longevity: it never fades, even after it has been picked. In order to guarantee the highest quality and the traceability of this golden flower, L'OCCITANE has invested in very first large-scale, sustainable and organic immortelle plantation program in Corsica. Immortelle essential oil is rich in active molecules that deliver unique anti-aging beauty results.
* In vitro test on ingredient.
** In vivo test: satisfaction test on 53 women over 4 weeks.
*** Effectiveness test on 26 women over 4 weeks



Immortelle is known as the everlasting flower, because these flowers retain their form and color when dried. L’OCCITANE has extracted a precious essential oil from the plant, which has anti-free radical and anti-wrinkle properties. The Immortelle collection offers a complete anti-aging solution for the face. Immortelle


Average Rating 4.9out of5 Write a Review
  • Great for blokes

    Use this cream with the reset serum overnight, it leaves your skin refreshed and soothed. Over 60 and seeking to maintain my skin, this is a wonderful product and even good for blokes.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location WA
    • Country AUSTRALIA
  • Best Moisturiser

    I just love this cream. It's hydrates & nourishes without the heavy greasy feel, which makes it great for under makeup. I have tried many other brands but always come back to the precious cream. My sensitive, ageing, combination skin is a nightmare to treat but the precious cream balances the oily t-zone without the breakouts.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Adelaide
    • Country AUSTRALIA
  • Skin super smooth

    I love the smell and how smooth and silky my skin feels after applying it. I highly recommend this product!

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location NORWICH
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
  • Facelift in a jar!

    I rarely write reviews, but I simply love this cream! Although I've tried other creams out of curiosity, I always come back to it because it leaves my skin so quenched and supple-feeling! It also makes my Estee Lauder foundation sit perfectly and stops it from looking dried out after a few hours wear, which is a massive plus! ❤👍🏻 As a woman in her thirties, I notice it definitely helps reduce fine lines and I would recommend it to anyone!

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Belfast, Northern Ireland
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
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