Immortelle Reset Men

Nourish and soothe your skin with this face care set designed especially for men.
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Ideal for normal to dry skin, this skincare set delivers total care for a man’s needs.

Enriched with Cade wood essential oil and beech bud extract, nourishes, protects, soothes and revitalises the skin, while helping to make it look firmer.

This set includes:

  • 75ml Cade Multi-Grooming Balm

  • 30ml Cade Face Cleanser

  • 30ml Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum

  • 50ml Cade Revitalising Cream

*Gift box may vary, subject to availability.
For generations, a secret held by shepherds has been handed down from father to son. It tells of the extraordinary properties of Cade essential oil, extracted from plants that grow wild across the Mediterranean scrubland, which effectively protects the face against the outdoor elements. Discover our products for shaving, face and body care. Cade


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