Immortelle Reset Trilogy

Reset and reset with this power set for the appearance of well-rested and radiant skin.
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This extraordinary trio leaves skin feeling refreshed and with a healthy glow. Ideal to revitalise tired and dull skin, our Immortelle Reset strengthens the skin barrier, reduces fine lines and visibly improves skin quality. 

This set includes:

  • 150ml Immortelle Tri-phase Reset Serum.

  • 15ml Immortelle Reset Eye Serum.

  • 30ml Immortelle Overnight Reset Serum.

  • Reset Reusable Mask.

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On the lush island of Corsica, L’OCCITANE has discovered a natural treasure that lives an exceptionally long life; the Immortelle flower. Its organic essential oil is rich in active molecules, with unique anti-ageing properties. Our award-winning Immortelle collection is infused with this luscious oil, offering complete solutions that bring instant suppleness and comfort to the skin. Immortelle Immortelle Reset


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