Happy Shea Butter Limited Edition

The Shea Happy Collection includes the most loved products from the Classic Shea Butter Collection with a happy twist! These Limited Edition products, with their invigorating scent, will make your skin soft and happy during this season.

Happy Shea Limited Edition Collection

Invigorating Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream Limited Edition

This Ultra Rich Body Cream leaves skin feeling supple, moisturised and comfortable, while enveloped in an invigorating scent that will lift your mood.

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Invigorating Scent Shea Shower Body Cream

Brighten up your days with our smile-boosting aroma. Dynamic, citrus notes surround your body for a feeling of revitalisation as softening shea wraps you in a soft embrace. 


Beyond France, we are especially proud of our work with our partners in Burkina Faso, women who produce the shea butter we use throughout our line of Shea products. We partner directly with these craftswomen, helping empower them to independently support themselves and their families*. Together, we work with these women to keep their savoir-faire alive for the benefit of future generations, just as L'OCCITANE is committed to bringing our heritage to the present.