Introducing our new collection of 3 distinctive and long-lasting Eau De Parfum for Men, inspired by Man and facets of our heritage. Staying true to our roots, each fragrance is a combination of natural ingredients sourced in France. Through its pure ingredients and its beautiful notes, each perfume is linked with our brand commitments, history and the L'Occitane Homme history, since 1994.

Karité Corsé Eau de Parfum | Men Premium Fragrance | L'Occitane New Zealand
Olivier Ondé Eau de Parfum | Men Premium Fragrance | L'Occitane New Zealand
Bois Flotté Eau de Parfum | Men Premium Fragrance | L'Occitane New Zealand

Karité Corsé

Roasted Shea kernel under the rays of the african sun...

..combined with the Amber facet of French clary sage...

..and the warm and sensual note of Mediterranean Iris.

Warm - Gourmand - Sensual


A tribute to the true story of a meeting, between Olivier Bussan and the women of Burkina Faso. An oriental scent inspired by 2 ingredients - Clary Sage: rooted and sourced in France, and roasted Shea Almond: captured for the first time in this fragrance.

10 /10 (1)


Olivier Ondé

Fields of hundred-year-old olive trees after the rain...

..combined with the green facet of the French Violet...

..and the minty notes of Mediterranean Eucalyptus.

Fresh - Earthy - Sophisticated


A tribute to the Olive Trees of Provence, a beloved historical ingredient at L'Occitane and inspired by the scent of a forest after the rain. This woody perfume reveals the green notes of olive tree wood, with hints of aquatic fruits, eucalyptus and pine.

7 /10 (5)


Bois Flotté

Driftwood carried by the wind...

..combined with the refreshing scent of French Rosemary...

..and aquatic notes of Red Seaweed.

Aquatic - Fresh - Aromatic


A tribute to our leading commitment to preserving our oceans & land. This fragrance is inspired by driftwood carried by the wind, creating a bright, refreshing and uplifting fragrance.

10 /10 (3)


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