Laura Rozana

Her passion for beauty and fashion has drawn Laura to fulfill her life as a fashion blogger and stylist. Learn from Laura her trick to keeping her skin glowing featuring the Aqua Réotier collection and what is motivating her to stay on top of the fashion and beauty industry.

Laura's Aqua Réotier Essential

"The perfect way to wake up"

If I know I am waking up early for a photo shoot, I'll make sure to pop on the Aqua Réotier Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel Moisturiser. It is the perfect way to wake up and hydrate my skin in the morning.

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Meet Laura

Fashionista, Style Influencer, and Fashion Blogger are just some of the few talents that Laura has. At a young age, Laura found joy in sharing her latest style and beauty discoveries with her family and friends, before creating a platform via social media and a blog to let her passion bloom. 

Her Mantra

"I want to encourage young women to make fashion an extension of their individual personalities. Everyone knows that when you're wearing what you like and feel comfortable in, your confidence levels are so much higher and the world gets to see the best version of you!"

Laura's Beauty Secret

"For plumped and radiant skin, this is a no-brainer but also easily overlooked... Drink lots of water and use a hydrating skincare routine! To make your water more interesting, try infusing lemon/cucumber into your daily glass of water or bottle, it makes drinking water a bit more exciting! For skincare, I always use products with hyaluronic acid and calcium like the Aqua Réotier collection."

Laura Rozana

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