Since L'OCCITANE's very beginnings, our art has been creating products that bridge simplicity and innovation, products that are at once rooted in time and timeless. More than two decades later, the result of this delicate balance can be seen in our new and reformulated Art of Soap Collection.

Bonne Mère Collection

L'OCCITANE's artful reinterpretation of tradition continues with the addition of four new scents, that epitomize Provence, to our Bonne Mère Collection.

These beautiful soaps are crafted according the heritage of Savon de Marseille, with olive oil from Provence. We then add captivating scents and colours, inspired by the passing seasons:
Lemon and Tangerine
Linden and Sweet Orange
Rhubarb and Basil
Rosemary and Clary Sage
Pure Soap 
The Chef Soap - inspired by the bright and fresh cuisine of the region, this crafted soap's invigorating aroma will playfully engage your senses.
For those looking for understated authenticity, L'OCCITANE offers our Bonne Mère Extra Pur. Our reinterpretation of Savon de Marseille is made following the same process that has been used for centuries in this region. We pay tribute to this rich heritage honouring its dye-free, fragrance-free formulation down to the iconic shape.
Available in 300g or 100g in the traditional square block, this universial soap formulated for its time-honoured uses, keeping hands, face, body and even linen clean.

Chic in their simplicity, these natural soaps are left "au naturel", with no packaging, and a welcome addition in any eco-conscious home. Pretty, aromatic, effective, and gentle, these soaps have made getting clean an art for generations. Discover the joy of Provence with our Bonne Mère Collection.


Discover the key ingredients that make the Art of Soap Collection and find out why are they so unique.



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Our traditionally crafted soaps get a makeover with massaging nodules and exfoliating almond shell for an at-home experience worthy of the spa. This soap helps to limit the impact on the planet with a formula that contains 99% readily biodegradable ingredients.