"From the moon of Guilin, to the sun of Provence"

For the first time, L’Occitane has travelled to China to reveal the beauty of a rare ingredient: Osmanthus. Surprising and unexpected, the Osmanthus flower blooms during autumn and exudes its scent when most of the other flowers have already wilted. L’OCCITANE en Provence reveals its delicate and unique fragrance: green freshness, velvety apricot effect, creamy woody notes.

Osmanthus Eau de Toilette

Fresh, floral, sweet and fruity. This enchanting fragrance embodies the uniqueness of the Osmanthus scent with its delightfully fruity facets.

Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes

This fragrance opens with delicious fruity notes underlined by the exquisite glow of the autumn moon. An unprecedented accord has been developed between apricot and pear. Two notes perfectly balanced by the elegant bitterness of orange.

Heart Notes

In the heart, the floral note of osmanthus gives the perfume an elegant dimension with a textured and slightly leathery facet. Carrot seed oil complements the scent with warm, earthy undertones.

Base Notes

In the background, cedar wood provides a vibrant and powerful support to the mix with its woody and luminous notes. The combination of amber and sandalwood gives it a delicate finish.

450 osmanthus flowers are required to make a 75ml bottle of perfume.

In China, Osmanthus is a traditional ingredient with a history of over 2,500 years.

Osmanthus is unique because it blooms during autumn when most other flowers wither.

Osmanthus Ingredients

Both surprising and unexpected, the Osmanthus flower blooms during autumn and releases its scent at a time when most other flowers have already faded. To produce the scent of our responsibly-sourced yellow Osmanthus flower, branches are shaken to let mature Yellow Osmanthus flowers fall, they are then separated from the leaves with sieves before entering the extraction process to produce a quality that is very well balanced between fruity, floral and soft leathery facets.

The yellow Osmanthus flower is known for its well balanced scent between floral & fruity and it also has a better olfactory quality compared to its other varieties. With rich leathery qualities, it brings comfort and relaxation.

Osmanthus Body Lotion

This nourishing body lotion moisturises the skin and leaves it feeling beautifully soft, enveloped in a delicate fragrance: a green freshness, a velvety apricot effect, and creamy woody notes.

Osmanthus Illustrator

"I like to create atmospheric scenes and landscapes in my work. So when I was asked to illustrate the Guilin mountains for L’Occitane, it felt like a great opportunity to collaborate on something I’d really enjoy.”

Robert Frank Hunter is a London based illustrator and director. He has worked on a wide range of projects in publishing, animation, advertising, film and television. Robert currently works from his studio in South London and his portfolio comprises creations for companies like the New York Times, BBC and Hermes.
This creative concept invites a reinterpretation of Chinese prints by a contemporary illustrator, who will tell the story of the Osmanthus and its palace, the moon, in the valley of Guilin. The bottle is shot directly from the print, and its shadows and reflections give volume to this poetic installation.