Plisson Shaving Brush

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Plisson Shaving Brush


Available online and in selected stores. Turn the shaving constraint into a daily moment of pleasure thanks to this shaving brush.

It will make any shaving cream produce a generous and thick lather. Since 1808, Plisson has been crafting exquisite shaving accessories using traditional methods of master barbers. Made from hard wearing wood, this brush features specific synthetic fibers that gives both a soft and energizing touch on skin, preparing efficiently the hair to the shave by emolliating it.

This brush also makes any shaving cream produce a thick, comfortable lather for a unique shaving experience. In order to create a perfect lather, place a small amount of shaving cream in a shaving bowl, then rapidly swirl the damp brush around the bowl for about 30 seconds. Apply directly to your face, massaging with the brush


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