Rose Calisson Collection

Our collection is a twist on the iconic Calisson, a traditional delicacy in Provence. We made it our own by adding rose notes to create a floral, powdery trail. At the heart of this irresistible composition, the petal-soft airy facets of Centifolia and Damascena Roses mingle with the sweet, tender notes of Calisson before settling into a subtly woody base. A "Calisson" is a traditional french delicacy from Provence (South of France). Almond-shaped sweet baked confection, with a smooth yellow paste, topped with a small later of white icing. Made with candied fruits (melon & orange) and ground almonds and it's often flavoured with Orange Blossom.

Rose Calisson Limited Edition Collection

Rose Calisson Eau de Toilette

Of all the sweet treats from Provence, the most iconic has to be the Calisson. L'Occitane introduces a twist on this traditional delicacy by combining it with Rose in a delicious olfactory creation with a floral and powdery trail.

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