Rose Collection

Green, fruity, spicy and woody notes define this unique floral scent. The infusion of Rose Centifolia brings out its natural and petal-like facets while the Rose Damascena absolute creates a captivating floral heart. Roses - has become a symbol of beauty and love and is an endless source of creativity for perfumers.

Fresh & Delicate

The most authentic softness of a freshly picked Rosa Centifolia from Provence: a composition of petals, leaves, stems and thorns, as it is in nature, for those mornings when you feel like strolling through a Rose Garden.

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Rose Body & Hand Care

The Queen of Flowers

In ancient times, Mediterranean women would steep rose petals in oils to perfume their skin with, as a way to radiate beauty and femininity. Now, the scent has become a symbol of beauty and love - an endless source of creativity for perfumers.

Roses are so beautiful, blooming in the landscape of Provence. They're central to Grasse, the perfume capital of Southern France, as well as being key to our traditions and folklore. L'Occitane perfumers use Rose Centifolia absolute from Grasse, Rose Damascena concrete from Morocco and Rose Damascena essential oil from Turkey and Bulgaria.
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Rose Pear

The romantic Rose Centifolia Flower Water from Provence combined with the crisp, juicy notes of Pear extract from DrĂ´me.

The perfect floral fruity scent for the warm summer months.

Mouth-watering & Fresh

Find yourself at the heart of an unexpected encounter, as the Centifolia Rose blends its soft and petaled facets with the crisp, juicy notes of the Willian Pear - a meeting energised by the freshness of cardamom and set against the comforting background of white musks.

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Top Note

Crisp and juicy Pear with Cardamon and Ginger

Heart Note

Floral and soft with Rose Centifolia and Eucalyptus

Base Note

Warm and woody base with Cedar and White Musk

Rose Jasmin Collection

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