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Unfortunately we have discontinued our Shea Baby range. Shea butter was selected to be enriched in our Shea Baby range for its perfect ability to pamper baby's skin. We've been working with this iconic ingredient for over 30 years, having long term and fair-trade partnerships with our women cooperatives in Burkina Faso. Discover our other Shea butter products that you can use to take care and nourish your bub's precious skin.

Organic 100% Shea butter

Organic 100% Shea butter

Organic Shea butter is enriched with vitamins E and A, great for babys skin. It's also an excellent treatment in cases of ezcema, chapped lips and nappy rash.

Our iconic multi-use balm helps to moisturise skin, lips, elbows, feet, nails and even hair. It's the perfect remedy for both bub & Mum.

When applied, it is quickly absorbed into the skin forming a barrier and holding in moisture.

How To Add Pure Shea Butter Into Your Baby's Routine

Our Organic Shea Butter (internal link) not only serves as a wonderful moisturiser, but can be adapted for other uses. See below for our tips on how to get the most out of our iconic balm in your baby's bath time routine.

Cocooning bath

Instead of using a bath oil, you can scoop a teaspoon of our Organic Shea butter under running warm water to melt and turn into a gentle and moisturing shea bath.

Post bath massage

After bath time, apply a dollop into of your hand and warm it up between your palms. This will create a soothing and nourishing massage balm to comfort your baby's skin and offers a chance to strengthen the bonds with baby through the benefits of touch.

How To Add Pure Shea Butter Into Your Baby's Routine How To Add Pure Shea Butter Into Your Baby's Routine
Suitable For Children Over 3 Years

Suitable For Children Over 3 Years

Known as a family favourite, our shea body cream is a universal body cream specifically formulated for even the most sensitive of skins. Perfect for the whole family (ages 3 and up), this rich body moisturiser is enriched with 25% Shea butter, leaving a protective layer that will nourish and protect the skin. It's also formulated with 95% natural origin ingredients and is vegan friendly.

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