Shea Butter Rich Body Lotion

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A rich body lotion specially formulated to nourish dry skin and soothe sensations of tightness.
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Shea Butter Rich Body Lotion


Rich in shea butter (15%) and calendula, this body lotion nourishes and instantly brings comfort to dry skin. It leaves the skin moisturised for up to 48 hours after application. Its fluid formula helps to soothe feelings of skin tightness, offering day after day protection against skin dryness.


L'OCCITANE is known for shea butter and has been producing shea butter beauty products for over 20 years. We source this ingredient from Burkina Faso, Africa and use it in our body care, hair care and skin care lines. The shea nut is harvested and ground into a rich vegetable butter that offers multiple benefits for the skin: protecting, nourishing, moisturising, soothing, comforting, healing and regenerating. Shea Butter


Average Rating 4.6out of5 Write a Review
  • Mom's jam

    Bought this for my mom. She does lots of kitchen work and therefore her hands are really dry. But she is a busy woman so every time when I bought her hand cream. She will end up waste them. After I change the hand cream tube to the body lotion. She start to use them thanks to the pump!!It now becomes her habit of having one pump of the lotion on her hand before she went out. It would be amazing if you guys can make more different scent of hand cream with pumps.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Hamilton
    • Country NEW ZEALAND
  • Produces good results

    I enjoy using this on my legs. Very moisturizing!

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Auckland
    • Country NEW ZEALAND
  • Hydrated and nourishing!

    like the pump packaging, makes it easier to use :)

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      4 out of 5
    • Your Location Auckland
    • Country NEW ZEALAND
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