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Formulas With The Highest Standard Formulas With The Highest Standard

95% Natural Origin Ingredients

Products that are considered “leave on” and do not need to be rinsed off, for example moisturisers and body lotions, contain over 95% natural origin ingredients. The naturality of our ingredients and formulas enable us to create products that have pleasant textures and proven efficiency. By using ingredients of natural origin, we also ensure a sustainable supply chain, whilst respecting the biodiversity of our planet.

Body Care & Fragrance

Face Care

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95% Readily Biodegradable Ingredients

Pollution is one of our greatest concerns and we work hard to minimise our impact on the environment on a daily basis. We therefore priortise ingredients that are readily biodegradable, such as plant oils, essential oils and floral waters. Products that are considered "rinse-off", for example shampoo, shower gel and cleansers contain over 95% readily biodegradable ingredients without compromise to the sensoriality and efficacy.

Body Care

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