Sensitive Skin

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Skincare for sensitive skin means products that are gentle, soothing and comforting, helping build up your skin's natural defences against potential irritants such as harsh weather, pollution or makeup. With the calming natural properties of Shea Butter at the heart of many of our face creams for sensitive skin, you can be sure to rely on our selection for your sensitive skincare routine. From moisturisers, creams, oils, mists, and lip balms our range of skincare for sensitive skin can help you feel confident in your skin again.

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Can I Exfoliate If I Have Sensitive Skin?

A common struggle for those struggling with sensitive skin is exfoliating, but it doesn't have to be a struggle. For the best exfoliation for sensitive skin on your face, follow along with our tips and tricks. Sensitive skin exfoliaters have tiny granules that rid skin of impurities without stripping the skin completely. Try our Radiance Face Scrub for the best exfoliater for sensitive skin.