SOS Moisture Hair Mask

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An ultra-sensorial gel cream mask to quench hair with moisture.
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An ultra-sensorial gel cream mask to quench hair with moisture.

Enriched with a hydrating natural sugar complex and 5 essential oils (lavender AOP, lemon, geranium, rosemary and peppermint), this ultra-sensorial gel cream mask offers a wave of hydration to your hair.

Free from silicone, it instantly quench hair with moisture without weighting it down. Hair and scalp natural moisture balance is maintained. Hair is soft, smooth and delicately fragranced with a fresh and aquatic scent.


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    For the cost you don't get a lot of product. I was able to get just about 2 1/2 uses from the tube. It was easy to get out of the tube and apply to my hair. Following the instructions I left it on for 5 minutes after every use, however after use I personally didn't feel much difference with my hair. Yes it felt softer and clean but I didn't feel it had any lasting effects either compared to some hair masks where the smell and feel of the hair can easily last a couple of days from use. It was nice to try but for me I won't purchase this again.

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