Terre de Lumière L’Eau Perfumed Soap

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A delicate, floral soap to gently cleanse and perfume the skin, in the bath or shower.
  • France Made
    in France
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  • Reference: 18SA075TL17ET
This luminous soap cleanses and delicately perfumes the hands and body with the scent of Terre de Lumière L’Eau.
Discover Terre de Lumière, inspired by the Golden Hour, a unique moment in time right before the sun sets when the light embraces the sky. With zesty and aromatic top notes, this unique fragrance unexpectedly develops into delicate aromas of lavender, honey and almond from the South of France. Terre de Lumiere

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  • A Touch of Luxury

    I was lucky to recieve this soap as part of a gift set. It has to be the most luxurious bar of soap I have ever used. I use it in the shower every morning. It lathers so well and the fragrance is gorgeous and lasts throughout the day. If you want to bathe in luxury, this is the soap for you.

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      5 out of 5
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    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
  • Gorgeous

    I love this soap. It lathers well and the scent not only perfumes your hand and body when you use it but also the room when it is first used. It seems expensive but lasts so well that I am sure it will outlast most ordinary soaps. I love Terre de Lumiére and it has become my favourite range since I received the gift box at Christmas which included this soap.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location Mid Wales
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
  • Very luxurious, velvety lather that moisturises as it cleanses!

    WOW! The amount of rich lather from this soap is amazing! It's not just bubbly foam either as it feels very soft, thick, rich & velvety! It makes cleaning my hands a pleasure! You don't need a lot and the secret is to have the hands very wet before rubbing it a few times over the hands. If I've been applying something very greasy, like the shea butter foot cream, and it doesn't lather up I rinse and rub again a second time! It's great on the body too! I find with continued use that my hands are softer and more moisturised even without any hand cream.

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      5 out of 5
    • Your Location BALLYMONEY
    • Country UNITED KINGDOM
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