The Art of Soap Ingredients

The Art of Soap Collection looks to L’OCCITANE’s roots - finding inspiration in Provence and its heritage of simple solutions for well-being. This collection reflects not only the colours, scents and ingredients of this region but also its spirit, an art of living that embraces simple pleasures.

Our soap celebrates this art de vivre Provençal, shining a light on the ingredients and evoking the minimalist philosophy that has shaped the art of soap-making in Provence for centuries, a legacy that L'OCCITANE en Provence continues today. Made with at least 78% vegetable oils, such as sunflower, coconut and olive oil, our simple formulations delicately cleanse the skin, leaving it gently perfumed after each use.

It's the addition of Provence's iconic ingredients -like Verbena extract, Almond, Olive oils or Lavender Fine essential oil -that elevate these simple soaps to the sublime. Vibrant hues and evocative scents are balanced by a modern, sleek aesthetic that pays tribute to these natural soaps as the true works of art they are.
Our iconic ingredients are synonymous with the South of France and are sourced locally in Provence, with the exception of our Shea Butter.

Our PDO Lavender Fine is distilled to the northeast on the Plateau de Sault, and to the south, in the heart of Provence, we find our Verbena producers, Philippe and Magalie Mary.

Our Almond Oil from Provence is produced just down the road by our neighbour Jean-Pierre Jaubert in the Plateau de Valensole. Other iconic ingredients are found further afield but the same attention to quality and ethical sourcing is applied.

Like all artisans, we have spent years perfecting our craft and elevating it to art. Since the early 2000s, we have renewed our dedication to revisiting and refining the art of soap. Our formulas have continued to improve as we develop new techniques and perfect our own recipes, in partnership with our soap-makers, compelled by our commitment to our craft and to the planet.

But even as we look to the future, we find inspiration in our past. Since L'OCCITANE's very beginnings, our art has been creating products that bridge simplicity and innovation, products that are at once rooted in time and timeless. More than two decades later, the result of this delicate balance can be seen in our new and reformulated Art of Soap Collection.


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