The Verbena Collection honours the long history of the herb with L’Occitane, transferring its cooling properties into a line of fragrances, body care and hair care – not to mention our limited edition range. In 1981, L’OCCITANE created its first product range with Verbena, thus claiming its iconic status. Its fresh and sparkling scent has lemony herb notes that are perfect for the summer!
Historically, Verbena was found in the south of France but over time hotter countries like Morocco began cultivating it and it died out in Provence. It was L’Occitane’s wish to replant and restore the verbena tradition in the region. Philippe and Magalie Mary, our trusted partners, welcomed the idea and started to cultivate the lemon scented plant in Jouques, in a natural green oasis. Thanks to this incredible terroir and the care given by our producers, this rare verbena has a unique olfactory note: crisp, green, powerful and citraillee.

Inspirational producers of Verbena

From their first meeting on the lush tropical island of Réunion, to owning a farm amid the rolling hills of Provence, Philippe and Magalie Mary have lived a storied life together. Their shared passion for sustainable farming and Provençal herbs led the couple to cultivate their crop.

A while after meeting Philippe Soguel, Manager of Distillerie Bleu Provence, he put the couple in touch with L'Occitane and asked if they'd be interested in planting verbena. Philippe Soguel has been working with L'OCCITANE for many years, their relationship is based on trust and transparency. They were delighted by the opportunity and excited at the chance to grow not only something new but also a quality ingredient. Magalie explains that they felt “our personalities and values would match" and that it was “not only a business venture but also a human adventure between L'Occitane teams and us.”

"We like to discover new crops, and that's how our project to specialise in Verbena was born. As part of the new relationship, L'Occitane offered support with a team that came to help the couple at their first planting" says Magalie.



We harvest twice, once late August and once late October. The leaves are harvested and set to dry on the same day.


A week later, the dried leaves are distilled at Philippe Soguel’s Bleu Provence Distillery by steam distillation. The process takes 2 hours. We mainly draw floral water and a little essential oil. 1000 leaves are necessary for 1 liter of floral water.


In 1981 L’OCCITANE created its first product range with Verbena, thus claiming its iconic status.
Its fresh and sparkling scent has lemony herb notes that are just prefect for the summer.

Benefits of Verbena

Also known as Lemon Verbena, Verbena provides a fresh citrus scent which has been used in perfumery, skincare, medicine and herbal remedies for decades. Lemon verbena perfume is a particularly popular scent that’s not only refreshing but also is proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Aside from its fresh scent, Verbena nourishes the skin and helps it to retain its soft elasticity. It is particularly beneficial in treating scarring and acne, and has long been used as a treatment which calms down skin irritations as well as internal inflammation.



Discover Our Verbena Range

Verbena is an energising, yet soothing citrus, green scent. Invigorate your senses with the much-loved L'Occitane Verbena collection.  Fill your senses with Verbena's distinctive lemony citrus fragrance and layer with our Verbena invigorating body & hair products for a longer lasting scent. Made with 100% organic Verbena, known for its cooling properties. Discover your new favourites before they go!

Our Commitment

We commit to respecting biodiversity, especially when it comes to Verbena. We use traceable, sustainable sourced ingredients making sure that plans are harvested without harming the environment. No matter their field, we also treasure our relationships with creators who take care of our world, who find and unleashes its beauty, making each of our products more inviting and powerful.

Verbena Artistry

The selection of designers we work with is far from random! This is why it was important for us to capture Ayumi’s inspiration and collaborative spirit towards our brand. Ayumi created two illustrations. She used typical Provençale accessories and traditions such as hats and wicker baskets.