Verbena x Ayumi Takahashi

Discover our much-loved collections – Verbena & Verbena Citrus enveloped in a new Limited Edition Provençale packaging by Ayumi Takahashi. Our Verbena Collections are the essence of summer! Invigorate your senses with the unmistakable energising and zesty scent of Verbena and it’s playful textures dressed in an eye-catching limited edition design.

What inspired you with this project & working with L’Occitane?

"The love towards nature and products made with care by local farmers are something L’Occitane does, and very inspiring. I am also in love with how bright and delightful the L’Occitane stores and products look, the bright color pallet always makes me happy.

As an artist, I  have been trying to make artwork that could also spread joy and happiness, so when I got this chance to make work for the collections, it was happiness and dream came true. The shared love towards nature and bright vibe between me and L’Occitane instantly feel like a perfect match."

What inspires your illustrations?

"Most of my inspirations come from little beautiful moments in daily life. May be a meaningful conversation, or some people that I encountered, some new plants I noticed on the way to work, some heartwarming scene that caught my eye…

Those are the things inspires me to make work and the content of my work. I love to keep positive vibes for myself and hopefully I can pass that kind of energy to other people, through me personally or through my art. I strongly believe that my world is how I choose to see! So why not choose to look at beautiful things, eat delicious food, meeting wonderful people and creating joyful work! And then spread that to more people."


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Verbena Classic Edition

Rediscover our classic Verbena collection in a brand new limited edition packaging.  Enjoy the vibrant smell of verbena in your favourite body care and fragrance products.

Sparkling & Refreshing

"I really love the smell of Verbena! It’s fresh and fruity, something can make you imagine the beautiful nature in Provence. I think it’s especially perfect for summer!" - Ayumi Takahashi

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Verbena Citrus Edition

Indulge your senses with the new Verbena Citrus Edition. With it's fresh and zesty scent, this limited edition collection will allow you to lock summer in for longer!

Fruity, Sunny & Invigorating

"There are couple of products that I really love! The citrus Frappe body cream, I love the light texture of this product, very thin and fresh, but still keeps my skin moisturized. A great product to keep my summer refreshing! I have been keeping the citrus hair & body fresh mist in my bag."

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It’s a balm you won’t believe

Our first-ever deodorant balm is enriched with carefully-selected ingredients of natural origin that you can feel good about (and pronounce!). *free from aluminium salts.

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Verbena Textures


Turns your beauty routine into a genuine moment of delight


Deliciously scrubs your cares away with its mouth-watering texture.


It feels like that semi-frozen desert invigorating your skin

Inspirational producers of Verbena

From their first meeting on the lush tropical island of Réunion, to owning a farm amid the rolling hills of Provence, Philippe and Magalie Mary have lived a storied life together. Their shared passion for sustainable farming and Provençal herbs led the couple to cultivate their crop.

Philippe Soguel has been working with L'OCCITANE for many years, their relationship is based on trust and transparency. They were delighted by the opportunity and excited at the chance to grow not only something new but also a quality ingredient.